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Business Visa

If you plan to come to Russia on a frequent basis during extended period of time, you may consider getting a business visa. Business visas are not only for business people from foreign countries, working in Russia. Business visas can also be a great choice for foreigners who come into Russia to visit friends and plan on a long, extensive and independent travelling.

ERS can provide you with a business invitation for receiving your business visa. A business invitation is a printed document on a special blank issued by the Russian Ministry of the Internal Affairs.

Usually the consulate asks for the original invitation in case of multiple-entrance visas. We can arrange sending you your invitation by express post (for an extra charge). For single/double entrance visas fax copies of invitations are accepted.

ERS can also organize sending you Telex with your invitation directly by Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Russia to the Consulate in the city where you are planning to obtain the visa. Telex gives the same rights as a business invitation, but it does not require to be sent by post.

We are always happy to answer any of your questions to provide business visa support Tel. +7 (812) 702 72 22/ 23.

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