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General policies of living in the apartments.

To ensure a good and enjoyable holiday for you and eliminate possible misunderstandings, there are some rules of living in the apartment.

When you are booking the apartment it means that you have already agreed to the following policies:

  • Upon arrival, for regestration visitors have to transmit copies of their passport of all who are going to stay in the apartment and pay the rest amount for accommondation.
  • When any defects or faults are detected in the apartments, guest shall immediately inform the manager about this.
  • Guests are responsible for keeping the rented apartment clean and in order.
  • The cleaning of the apartment is done before the guests move into apartment.
  • Apartments are equipped with the number of bed linens equal to the number of guests staying in the apartment, bath towels, toilet paper, soap, shampoo, dishwashing liquid etc.
  • ERS is not responsible for your belongings that are left in the apartment. When you are leaving the apartment make sure that you have closed the door and haven’t left the windows open.
  • ERS employee has no right to enter the apartment in the absence of the guests. The only exception is the situation when there is a need for an extra cleaning or in cases of breakdowns. ERS employee has to inform the guests in advance about his/her visit.
  • Moving into the apartment with pets is not allowed.
  • Do not enter the apartment with weapons, inflammable and explosive devices, as well as with substances with intense and unpleasant odor, cooking appliances (heaters, etc.), or other electrical equipment and fans without the owner's permission.
  • We are asking you to take a proper care of the rented apartment, it’s furniture and technical equippment.
  • People who were not registered are not allowed to live in the rented apartment. If the presence of unregistered people has been detected whose presene was not previously agreed, the agency has the right to refuse in accommodation for all guests and ask them to leave the apartment.
  • Any damage that was identified during the moving-out will be compensated in full.
  • Manager of the apartments has the right to charge a deposit. The guest pay this deposit immediately upon the arrival to the apartment. The deposit is returned to the guest if no damage was done to the apartment during the stay of the guests.
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