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Responsibilities and Commitments

By agreeing to these terms and conditions of booking the apartment, you are responsible for:

  • for the correctness and accuracy of the provided information;
  • relevance of the email address you specified , as we will sent the information about the rented apartment on it;
  • when you book the apartment by phone (call to the office), please make an advance payment (deposit ) in the amount of 1-2 night stay (depending on the term of the lease);
  • any changes you make in the paid reservation, entailing additional payment;
  • for ensuring that all persons for whom the reservation was made have the necessary travel documents such as valid passports , visas ( including transit ) , powers of attorney and other documents for traveling for children, and health insurance documents;
  • for the timely arrival at the apartment , in case you are not checking into the apartment or you move in several days later , the money for not lived days in the apartment is not reimburse.

By agreeing to these terms and conditions of booking, you agree to:

  • at the request of the manager ERS to provide more information about all persons who will be staying the apartment , including date of birth, passport number, address, nationality and so on;
  • before paying for the apartment you have to acquaint with the rules of the tariff, in particular with the sections , which contain information about the possibility to modify or cancel a reservation;
  • pay for booked apartments 14 days before check-in to avoid the cancellation;
  • to pay all additional charges on time that were initiated by your changes or cancelled reservations;
  • on arrival at the apartment pay a deposit equal to the cost of a night stay in this apartment;
  • comply with the rules of the apartment , in particular, the rules of public order, as well as Check- in room (check-in) and the time of its release (check-out);
  • in case you want to move into the apartment before the time of check-in, or remain in the apartment after the time of check-out, pay the additional costs;
  • if you cause the apartment’s direct or indirect damage , compensate it in full.

ERS is not responsible for:

  • the consequences that will be caused by your refusal to provide the requested additional information on all persons ,who will stay in the apartment;
  • cancellation of the booking of apartment if you didn’t pay within the specified period;
  • for the occurrence of additional costs associated with the changes initiated by you or canceled reservation;
  • improper use of your credit card , as well as payments made by third parties in the event of theft or loss;
  • for ignorance or failure to comply with the requirements regarding Russian visa and passport regulations , as well as losses associated with the refusal of the Consulate to issue the visa or the refusal of immigration officials to entry into the country;
  • for losses occur as a result of force majeure ( unforeseen , not controlled phenomena and events , natural disasters, military events etc).
On-line консультация

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